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pure & natural pumpkin powder for dogs

our delicious 100% pure pumpkin powder is a great aid for your loyal companion's bowel movements and a perfect remedy for healthy anal glands. 250g pouch. 

  • stop bum scooting
  • get rid of fishy odours
  • firm up sloppy stools
  • alleviate diarrhoea & constipation
  • one natural ingredient, never additives
  • 30 servings per pouch
  • suitable for dogs & cats of all ages

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promoting healthier bowels and firmer stools

banish fishy odours

if your pup is giving off a foul fishy smell, this can be a sign of full anal glands. pumpkin powder is a rich source of fibre and can help firm up stools and aid the removal of this ouder.

stop bum scooting

firming up stools can help reduce pressure on the anal glands. meaning less discomfort for your companion. and in turn putting a stop to those scooting episodes.

stomach soother

dogs & cats commonly experience digestive issues. pumpkin's natural properties can help regulate bowel movements, providing relief from both diarrhoea and constipation.

fussy eater approved

even the most fussy pets find its taste irresistible, making mealtime a breeze. use it as a topper, a frozen treat, puree or simply bake with it.

your companion deserves to move with ease
and enjoy life to the fullest

our ingredients

pumpkin powder benefits

how much do i need

full nutritional list

quality ingredients

100% pure pumpkin

product benefits

say goodbye to those awkward bum scooting episodes and pesky fishy odours with this all-natural remedy. crafted only from natural, whole food ingredients, ensuring your pet receives the goodness they deserve.

how much do i need

Suitable for for dogs of all ages and sizes.

Small Dogs (<10KG) 1 tbs
Medium Dogs (11-25KG) 2 tbs
Large Dogs (>26KG) 3 tbs

Sprinkle onto your dogs food or mix one tbs of water per one tbs of powder for puree.

our favourite ways to use it

a tasty topper

a perfect puree

a scrumptious snack

bowl & anal gland
support in a scoop

your pet's go-to for firmer stools, perkier poo bags and a happier life without those awkward bum scooting episodes

fettle vs other pet supplements

uses only 1 whole-food ingredient

tastes really, really good

no fillers or fluff

supports bowl health

price per serving

aides firmer stools




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